So I haven't been online since about a week before the Halo 3 release. Didn't want to see anything, and I still haven't beaten the damn game yet. But that's my own fault. I have no desire to play single player. I've been doing the co-op on and off with different people. I've beaten then first six or seven missions on Legendary and gotten all the skulls (gold and white). Sorry if I missed anything important in your entries, I just hit the Clear All Alerts button. My trip to Texas was nice. Didn't do shit over there though. The Chief pinning was really cool, glad I got to see that. Got back and Amazon hadn't gotten me my game yet, so I had to play oblivion like a mother fucker until Monday when I got Halo 3. Been playing it with some guys from work a LOT lately. Got a few good rounds in yesterday with a few guys from here, that's a blast. Will have to keep an eye out for you guys to be online again. Have the official Navy wide PRT on the 22nd of October, not looking forward to it. I hate those with a passion. Loaned out my Oblivion game to a girl from work and now I miss it. It's only been a week but I need precious. Watched the Eureka season 2 finale. I really like that they closed everything out. I mean they brought everything back together. Everything except that lost 4 years thing from the season 1 finale, whores. Watched the first two Atlantis season 4 episodes. Looks like another good season. Been hanging out with several people from work the past week in general, it's pretty nice. It's going to suck when I get put on the other shift and have a different schedule. Borrowed the Matrix trilogy on HD DVD and the xbox HD player from a friend from work. Amazing! Now I want one. However, after perusing the Blue Ray and HD DVD selections on Amazon, I think I'm going to keep waiting. They really don't have a lot of good movies out yet, and I don't want to choose the one that looses. With my luck though, they'll both keep going like the console wars. I’m waiting for the LOTR series to pick and side, then I’ll probably go with that one. Well I might go finish the damn campaign, I’ve missed half of the videos though, so I have no idea what’s going on. MC was here doing this, now he’s there doing something completely different. How he got there and why he’s doing this or that I have no fucking idea.