DAMN YOU SCHOOL AND WORK!!! BECAUSE OF YOU, I AM NOT ABLE TO GET ONTO RvB AT ALL!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!! Oh, an I'm still givin away mods for free, since now Ive got 17!!!! WooHoo!!!! Oh, an I HAVE CASH!!!! YAY!!!! Anyways, Grades just came out, so heres how I did....(By the way, these are the BEST grades I have EVER GOTTEN!!!! Sweet, huh?)
1st: Studio Art: B
2nd: English 12: A(Im Amazed! I suck at English!)
3rd: Study Hall: B(how do you get graded in study hall?)
4th: Studio Art: B
5th:Gov/ Economy: B
6th: Video/animation:B

So, anyways, YAY!!!