R-Evolution: 01:Awakening
Author's Comments:
I've never written anything involving anthromorphic wolves or anything with homosexual themes before. I'm not a professional writer, I just do it in my free time, so all constructive criticism is welcome :D As it stands this is a rough draft, but I have a bad habit of not revising anything until more of the project is finished, so there still may be some lingering grammatical errors, unfinished thoughts, and minimal details, so please bear with me.

R-Evolution: 02:Realization
Authors Notes:
I'm trying to improve my writing technique and style. Hopefully this second chapter in the story reflects the progress I think I'm making. I spent nearly twice the amount of time on this chapter than I did on chapter one, and I have to admit I'm also much more pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy it! And all feedback will be greatly appreciated.

R-Evolution: 03:Human
Author's Notes:
This chapter feels like a train wreck to me. I guess that's what happens when your foolish enough to write it all in one long sitting. I shall refrain from doing that in the future. I've revised this chapter twice, and have since given myself a headache, so I've decided to go ahead and post it as is. So hopefully everyone who reads this will be able to look beyond my own ineptitude and enjoy the story I'm attempting to tell.

R-Evolution: 04:Pack
Author's Notes:
Once again the proofing/editing of my writings has been cut short. In a way I suppose it keeps me from overdoing it.... though I'm sure there are still a few things I would like to change around a bit. Due to the evens that cut my proofing/editing short, I probably won't have a chance to do much writing the next week or two. So I apologize in advance to those of you who enjoy reading this story, it may be a while before Ch. 5 is ready for posting. I hope you enjoy it ^.=.^

R-Evolution: 05:Life
Author's Notes:
I'm not sure I was able to give this chapter the undivided attention it deserved. I had specific goals in mind when I began writing it, and unfortunately didn't achieve all of them. One of those goals however was to improve the quality of the yiff scene (which was somewhat disappointing back in Ch.2), and I think I've definitely improved as far as that goes ^.=.^

This could be the final chapter in this series, I have more ideas, but I would like your honest opinion as to weather I should continue the series or move on to other things.

R-Evolution @ yiffstar (NSFW)

I will continue to update this journal as the chapters are finished.