Questions are many.
and there are very few resolutions to these questions.
Always there are questions.
Questioning the inquisitive nature that makes me what I am.
I know what I want...To be a family man.
That's it. I am not career oriented I simpley want to do a variety of different things that area exciting and challenging all at the same time.
Once you have a position in life things become increasingly more complex.
and a whole lot easier. if that makes any sense.
I am trying to test myself. To see what I am made of.
Various ways and methods you know.
Everyone does it.
I have become aware of it.
It has cost me a great deal; at the same time I have earned a lot too.
There are times when I wish things were simpler.
Each moment in time has it's difficulties we'll never hear about it though.
For example the 50's easier times right. Does anyone remember duck and cover??
My point. Scary times.
I will find a way. I just have to keep looking.
The things I want are out there.
Random thoughts plauge me.
I will find a way out
a way to coexsist..