“Oh my god! I have to get out of here!†Panella shouts in her head as she quickly turns around to find her face buried in Haji’s chest. “Oh hay you waited for me.†Haji says with a kind and warming smile. “Ye-yes. Of course I did.†Panella says, a nervous racket. “Well shall we get going?†She asks as she stands up. “Certainly.†He says walking down the stairs. “What am I going to do???†Panella asks herself as they walk out the school. “What is he??†She shouts in her head looking at Haji’s flawless face. “Is something wrong?†Haji asks as she looks down at Panella. Panella’s face goes flush red and she looks away. “No I’m fine. Um, where’d you say you were from?†Panella asks covering her blushing face. “America, why?†Haji asked with a look of confusion on his face. “Oh no reason I just forgot that’s all.†Panella says with a big smile as she looks up at him. “Um…Panella.†Haji says from behind her. “Oh no he’s behind me…I’m dead for sure!†She says in her mind. “We passed your house Panella.†Haji says pointing. “Argh! I’m so stupid, stupid, stupid!†Panella says in her head hitting her head on her books. As they enter the house Panella rushes to her room. “What am I going to do??†Panella says. “Um is it okay if I have some water?†Haji asks in a booming voice from downstairs. “Yes it’s fine!†Panella shouts back. “Okay…you can do this girl!†Panella says in her head clenching her fists and looking up at the ceiling. “Your just have a crush with some sort of monster.†Panella adds opening the door. “Oh hey Panella.†Haji says in front of the door. “Eep!†Panella manages to squeak out before slamming the door. “What’s wrong Panella?†Haji asks up against the door. “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THAT BOY AFTER SCHOOL?!?†Panella shouts with her eyes closed and the door barracked with a chair. There is silence.