Yup, Dumbledore's a fudge packer. Big deal - no doubt a publicity stunt or rather another mechanism to enforce a common theme in the series (tolerance). I believe her divulging the information after the series and leaving very little in the way of clues (ok, no mention of an engagement with another women in his past - so what, high school nerds, geeks and social outcasts are now ALL rump rangers?) seems illconcieved. Although I could really care less of his sexual orientation, if she wanted to enforce the idea of tolerance (or more specifically, one's actions, personality are more important then thier genetic disposition) through Dumbledore's orientation, she should have written it IN the novels instead of "shocking" us with a revelation long after we've read the series 10 times over. I'm sure the general concensus of sexual orientation as "shocking" is a devistating blow to her soul, (it's the truth in today's culture) but if these values were mentioned earlier in the series they will then more than likely be religated to a footnote instead of an adjective in a Newspaper heading - now we're all going to be consumed with his sexual orientation, everything else will be pushed aside.