So I actually went Trick-or-Treating. Who says being a kid again for a night is a bad thing? I went with my friend, Steve, his girlfriend and my girlfriend. It was some fun shit.

The day started when I went to school. I had no fun at all seeing as I had an EXPERT test in Advanced Algebra (Algebra II). But all in all... same shit, different day.

I got home... waited for like 30 min. Played a few songs on my bass in the mean time. (Surfacing, Duality, both by Slipknot) and then Steve came over. Him, his mom, and I went to Rite Aid to get make up for his costume.

I got home and I picked up my junks. Then left. I went to Steve's and both his sisters all his nieces with his bro-in-law were there.

Later the ladies arrived and we went out for the night. After it was over, we headed back to Steve's, we snuggled up with our number ones and watched some T.V.

His dad dropped off the girls and then I went back to Steve's. We watched some T.V. and I headed home...


Steve: A pirate. (cut up shirt and pants, motorcycle boots, skull necklace, and face paint/make up and bandanna)
Steve's Girlfriend: Pirate. (actual costume, bandanna)
My girlfriend: Lizzie Borden (gothic style clothing, with black lipstick, a black skirt, etc)

and finally, Me: Sir, Mick Thomson. Lead Guitar for the band Slipknot. I wore this and this.

Happy Halloween, dudes. smiley8.gif