I really need to start journaling again, despite the fact that I suspect that only Elnea reads though my infrequent musings and rants. Which is fine by me, I'm glad that someone likes them smiley0.gif

Anyhow, I have decided I'm going to quit moping about the self evaluated quality of what I write (I'm not a big fan of my work) and just keep moving foward through no matter how much I hate it

Ergo: I have four new chapters for my novel written in rough draft form AND posted on the site! whoo!


And even more importantly, an outline which i put side by side to the story which keeps me on track. i should have thought of this years ago!

So I am finally moving that novel along. I don't know how good it will be, but we shall see.

I was driving home Tuesday night from the gym, came around a corner, and instantly perceived an owl and a rabbit in a death match in the middle of the concrete. I slammed on my brakes, but a car coming the other direction didn't give me space to swerve, and I smoked the owl going 40 mph.

As this brings the kill count for my car against various animals up to six I'm thinking that I need to travel a different route to get to the gym.

The one humorous thing I can take away from this is the rabbits story it told it's family when he or she got home:

"So I was just trying to get back here, and when I went across that really large open space this owl flew in and started to mug me!
I was fighting back as hard as I could when a bright light appeared. I thought I was a goner when the owl was then smote down to the ground with a roar! I was saved!"

But seriously, I like owls, so i feel kinda bad about the whole incident. Raccoons and especially Canada geese on the other hand.......