Yesterday before work I quickly rushed to the Secretary of State to get my license renewed. It's always been in my nature to procrastinate when I don't feel like something is pressingly important.... and up until the day before my license expired, getting it renewed really wasn't that pressing. Well, that's taken care of, and I hate my new picture....then again, I'm in dire need of a haircut, so no matter how many times they may have taken it over I would have never been happy with it. It'll probably be a couple more days before it arrives through the mail.

Now today really doesn't feel any different from the other days proceeding it. In fact it wasn't until around lunchtime I even remembered it was my birthday. I'm finally 21 and able to partake of alcohol legally smiley1.gif . Another odd fact is that even though it is my 21'st birthday, I'm typing this from my bedroom floor while taking a break from packing my things up. I should start moving my things over to the duplex later tonight or tomorrow. Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to it, but once again I tell myself that it's a necessary step. I guess it just feel like bad timing.... but I've been putting it off for long enough already.


In other news.... I think I'm going to be getting a Dell computer. Now all I have to do is order it XD. Thank you all for your suggestions smiley0.gif .