Yeah.I've had goals,but for some reason, I never posted them up before.So guess what guys. I'm going to post them up now! smiley0.gif

Some may be really hard to do,but oh well,it might happen sometime in my life zone. smiley8.gif One is the 10,000 mod pic.I havent found it yet,but I will soon enough.of course it's going to be soo long for that,but I wanna try it soon

HGN_Kevins' Goals
-Get Karma Level 60
-Get a journal with more than 200 posts
-Get a pic to 10,000 mods
-Become the Future User
-Get more awards from my friends
-Get some awards from the Staff
-Get Most Modded at least once
-Make a huge mod contest

I'll update it more later on when some things happen,or I add something to the list...Hopefull I can get one or two of those this year,hell maybe this month....It all depends on me,my good friends, and everyone else.

Till the next Journal which is for the new pics...Have fun!