Well I made my room into a bigger recording studio. Basically, I added an extra monitor.

I have my laptop hooked up to an external monitor and all my band equipment on the side so I can record. I already recorded two songs today, with help from Steve. Some good shit. His guitar is over here so next to me is his Maestro (Les Paul imitation) guitar, My ESP B55 5-string bass, my Squire-Fender P-Bass, and my acoustic guitar. Those along with me Ibanez BT-10 amp and Steve's Maestro w/ overdrive amp. Also about 40 picks and my tuner. Not to mention my BOSS DS-1 Distortion pedal. And finally my cables. And on top of me is my bed. smiley1.gif

In other news:

Driving is going pretty good. I've got about 13-14 hours under my belt (under permit). It's an easy task to do except for when there's a douche in front of you that is just waiting to get his own throat fed to him. I was driving when:

- I get cut off, so I merge lanes and cut him off.
- I get cut off again, so I merge cutting off this time giving the guy the finger while my mother wasn't looking.
- Some fag met his "friends" and was going literally 20 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. He was right in front of me... I honked at lease 10 times.

(NOT all in the same day)

I also hate it when:

- People run red lights
- People pass me (makes me feel slow)
- People turn without using signals... it's one fucking hand motion, when in your pathetic life are you too lazy to take your index finger and push up a lever?

School is da fucking bomb (overstatement?)... friends are AWESOME... especially people who have licenses and jobs and cars... and are upper class men... those guys are godamn good. Having a girlfriend is fucking awesome too... I have never smiled this much... nor have I had this much boob action... (thats right)

Well... Updates and Pictures tomorrow...

Night, dudes... (did you know it's daylight savings time here in MI? an extra hour of sleep... can I get an PWN?!! Franklin OWN3Z)

Spartanfan smiley8.gif