Smail is an old classmate, who recently applied to Best Buy; he know absolutely nothing about games or movies. Very little on CDs, and thats all the emo shit he listens too.

Brian :your a fucking moron when it comes to retail procedures

Smail: I can do the movies, Cds and games too

when does Mass Effect come out?
and dont look it up
how can I be sure you didnt google it?
Assassins Creed?
Guitar Hero 3?
GTA 4?
when does Die Hard 4 come to DVD?
Pirates 3?
you will suck at that job
and you dont work JUST the regester
I've taken multiple Marketing courses, and plan on majoring in business/retail marketing/management
I know whats going on
now, go sell tickets at Showcase, and STFU about Best Buy, you turd.

Smail: Even if I suck at first
I'm a fast learner
Brian: negative
like I said earlier: do you know the release dates of ANYTHING wiithut having to look it up?
Smail: Nope
I'd have to look it up
Brian: FAIL
Smail: Dude
when I go to Best Buy
and ask for a movie
they don't know JACK SHIT
about whether its out or not
Brian yeah, ok
maybe you went to the Retard Best Buy, but every one I've ever gone to, they know whats going on
you know what?
You;d fit in with the dumb fucks at that store
hope you get in

Brian has left the chat