It was 9:30PM, and the doorbell rings. My dog starts barking like crazy (he always does). Dad and I are in the bonus room watchind True Lies when we hear the dog barking. Instintively, be both run out the door. Its on the second floor, and we have two staircases; on in the front, on in the back. I run down the back, dad goes down the front. My mom yells that somebody rang the doorbell.

In our pantry, we have a small gun safe with the Kahr P9 and the S&W Model 908 (both 9mm, loaded with street rounds). I grab the S&W, and my dad grabs his Glock 27 from his bedroom upstairs. He goes to the front door, and notices the porch is clear, so he goes out. I stay inside and watch all the windows (I am currently armed with the S&W). I see my dad start walking around the house, clearing it. I basically stayed near the back (where there are plenty of hiding spots in my yard. Plus it was dark, and porch lights only do so much). I hear a loud "bang", but not a gunshot. About 5 minutes later, my dad comes in. I didnt know he was on his way in, so some weirdness/confusion/almost-pointed-a-gun-at-my-dad situation arose.

He tells me he saw a kid run from the house and cross the street to the model home (we live in a development; the model home is basically a showcase of what the neighborhood homes will look like). There is a large porter-potty in the parking spaces, and this drunk little shit runs right into it (the loud 'bang' I had heard earlier). He then proceeds to run into the woods and met up with some other little drunk assholes. This is a constant problem. Last week, they all proceeded to walk across our backyard at around midnight, and then cross into the woods for some party. Is that what kids do theses days to keep busy?

I swear to the Almighty God, if those pricks come back tonight, they're gonna feel the pain. Of my size 10 boot up his ass. Or worse.

The kid took off when he saw my dad with a gun in his hand (on our own property, so don't get your panties in a bunch).

I'll tell ya. Guns make me feel safe. Knowing that I'm armed and ready to protect my family, most importantly my 8 year old sisters, is what makes America great. I almost want these arseholes to come back. Citizens arrest, anyone?

Also, this link is a nice comparison between the Kahr and the Glock (its about the G26; we have a 27, but its almost the same. Different caliber. )