Ok, so the world really isn't new.... it just feels like it right now smiley1.gif .

Today marks the end of my first week out of my Dad's (formerly my parents') house and in the duplex. The first couple of nights were tough, but now it feels more like home. I'm the only one in the house that knows how to cook, so I'm slowly accumulating ingredients and cooking utensils so I can make something other than spaghetti smiley0.gif . We've also worked out a cool "chores list" I cook on occasion, Alex does dishes and/or cleans the kitchen, and Severn cleans the bathroom. Thus far this scheme has worked out nicely, though I expect it will be altered slightly as time goes on.

Everyone's probably noticed that I've not been online much.... well that's because we have no internet at the duplex smiley3.gif . I thought it would be terrible, but I've been so busy lately that I've not really thought about it much. Both my jobs are using me more now, so I don't usually have much time to screw around on the internet on company time either smiley6.gif . But the good news is.... that being the case.... I'll be making a bit more money, and thus will be able to buy myself some winter gear (and perhaps fix the heater in my car) the next couple of weeks smiley0.gif .

I'm currently doing laundry at Dad's house, and using the internet here, but unfortunately this luxury will be short lived since Mom's discontinuing the internet service here (dad doesn't use the computer anyway). So now if I ever want to get online when I'm not at work, I'll have to visit my mom (who does not have a washer/dryer at her apartment), and I still don't know where exactly she lives.

I've also finally gotten my new license! The picture is awful, as I think I've mentioned, but I'm happy to have it nontheless. Personally I'm doing pretty well, my friends have been very supportive (both online and in RL), and have really helped me keep my last few shards of sanity. Because of this I've also been able to continue to be supportive of my father, who also seems to be doing quite a bit better now than he was a couple days ago.

I miss you all, and hope everyone is doing alright. If I'm not busy at work today I'll try and catch up on my alerts..... And if I don't get the chance, just remember that I've not forgotten or abandoned anyone, and that I think about you guys often smiley12.gif .

Love (yes I said wrote "love"),