ahhhh.Considering that my friend had a 1,000 mod contest and ended quickly...well it won't for me. In order to have fun with this contest. I'm doing a 1,500 mod contest

First off,it will probably have 3 rounds for the big ol fun of it.

Second, I will let up to 35 people join if they want,if it goes that high.So i'll keep track of that.

thirdly which is the worst part......I'm going to need to earn about 1,400 mods to do this.

Fourth off, If i get all of these mods I will make sure everyone is a winner,if that means people who don't win get like 10 mods for participating,or around that.

Final thing to say: I have 2 pics going for 1,000 mods.so you can help those to if you wish

So if you want to have a big chance at winning big time,then help me reach that goal.

I will make banners,or find pics for mods if that is also the case.

So let it begin.=)