Thanksgiving Break is comeing coming! Bleep yeah! no more school for nine days!(well for me anyways).but wen its that last day of school till the break this is how its gonna be........ ok so your sitting in language arts and your thinkin why the hell is there arts at the end of language?oh who cares. then your just dozen off and thinkin what familyguy was on last night? oh crap this is gonna drive me crazy! your thinkin about nothin, then RIINNGG... oh yeah. then you go to gym and you play some gay game like tree tag and your runnin and you see a guy come to tag you so you punch him in the face! then the coach yells "YOUR OUT"! and your like oh im out? oh yeah YOURout! and hes says"get over here"! and you start runnin away and then.. RING. so you think to yourself man that was fast so you go back to language arts and your like "hey i was just here! Idont wanna stay here again! aww flip"! so you doze off again and you here "joey?(thats my name). Then you here "whats the answer joey"? and you open your eyes and you think oh crap!and you say"uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh.........."...."you should listen more joey! and were you sleeping!?!?! the teacher says.and you go" was tr....i was just doin sooomthin..uuhhh well....kinda... yes but kiiiinda no"the teacher just grins shakes his head and gos back to teaching......RING."yes'! you run out of the room and the teacher trys to get your atention,you hear him but pretend that you class is study hall.i always dont have any homework so i go back to my locker to putt my stuff away so i dont have to go back to my locker for lunch. so that means im usually late and dont get in trouble but just to make sure i start speed walkin. faster faster FASTER....uh oh. this mean teacher that catcheslike everything so you try to get in the crowd you get pulled back. she pulls your shirt and off to the side. "What do you think your DOING?!!?!? the teacher yells. "uh speed walking"?i say "go back to your locker and show how a normal person walks"! you go back by your locker but just runs out the back door of the school. you start runnin.(most of my classes r in the mobiles so i have to go outside). you get there and get to hall goes by preety fast so its finnaly lunch time. you get you food and then BAM!!! your face is covered in mashpotatoes!you see the kid who through it and you know it! you whip your milk at him ita full! he falls over in pain the teachers one by one start looking at you. you run as fast as you can. your hiding for the rest of lunch and most of next get your stuff for the next period and walk to class. you get there just in time SOCAIL STUDIES! ohhohoho CRAP!!!! you seem to get dizzy. BAM the next second your sleeping.the teacher doesnt seem to notice which would almost be impossible because he's strict.the bell rings you wake up bam your outta there! its seventh period so i go to art class. i goof off in thaty class and never get in trouble so it goes by faster then fast!! the bell ring now its 8th period last one! "YES"you scream with joy. you go too your lcker and remember the teacher that caught you! you keep lookout for her but keep normal. you get to your locker and you see her talking to someone else. you dont have to get much for your last period so you close your locker. just to make sure you take your secret get to class 2 mins late. it doesnt matter you sneek to your desk and sit down. you go to the bathroom.when you finish you peek out the door aaaanndd.......your mouth drops. the mean teacher is in the mobile your in!you start to panic after you calm down you peek out again."coast is clear"you whisper to yourself you sneeak out the teacher is in your classroom your suposed to be! you hide behind a corner as she walks get back in your classroom."whooh that was close" you say. the period is almost count down... 3...2...1.....RING!"schools out" you yell. you run out the mobiles, to your locker,get your stuff, run outta school.all the teachers you got in trouble with see you runnin. you run to your bus and jump on the teachers start runin for you.'STOP WAIT" you hear."GO GO GO"! you say to the busdriver.she goes off and your safe. for the rest of the day your fine. the whole break was perfect.nothing went finaly went back to school. you thought this was awesome.ALL the teachers forgot about everything. so in the end everything was cool.

crap this is long!!!