7 years ago

After about 500 tries, I got the Mile High Achievement tonight. Thank you God and Jesus. I knew you were pulling for me the whole time.

and fuck you Call Of Duty 4.

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  • GWChupaCabra


    7 years ago

    i got that one..............i fucked up and need to go back and destroy all those TVS in that one level

    but i am almost done with the game, the level that gave me most trouble is protecting that asshat who got crushed by the damn helicopter

  • KiwiSniper


    7 years ago

    Backed you all the way buddy!

  • iKid


    7 years ago

    . . . . . I'm not even going to consider getting this. . . .

  • corvito


    7 years ago

    You lucky bastard(JK really i love you), i still cant get it and ive been trying twice as long as you! +1 funny

  • MystikManky


    7 years ago

    wow, congrats! from what i can tell it would drive any normal man insane..... nvm, lol

  • fluffsman


    7 years ago

    I'm glad to see you're not bitter at all.

  • _innocence_


    7 years ago

    lol we just got that game but the xbox is being gay and wont work.

  • WoW_gal


    7 years ago

    Gratz! Tell Burnie to suck it if he gives you crap! =^-^=

  • Evilprofight


    7 years ago

    In reply to sniperwolf13, #2:

    Lol try again bigsmile.png

  • caboose125


    7 years ago

    congrats on the achievment acomplishment.

    i know i will never get it