together..... IN HELL!!!!!!!!
-Demoman, TF2

Best quote ever.

There is a point to that; I had the most interesting night
At work I was sent out on a delivery; I was supposed to drop of two 6x6x12 treated beams, some concrete bags, and pick up some wood.

It was dark, I missed every stinking turn, so I ended up pulling off some tire smoking U-turns to get to the address marked on the map.......
which I discovered didn't exist.

I then attempted to dial the person's phone number to whom I was delivering the ridiculously heavy timber to, then discovered that the 7 key doesn't work on my phone anymore.

Incidently, EVERY phone number for my place of employment (they'res maybe 12 to cover all the departments) ALL have a 7 in them too.


After wandering around for a while, I call my mother and ask her to call my boss and give him my phone number. I should also note that the address I'm delivering to is an exclusive condo area with "NO TRESPASSING" signs every 100 feet.

Finally after taking 4 calls I find the new address, make it over there, and start to wrestle the stuff off. As I'm pulling one of the timbers off the top of the pick up truck I notice a man peering out of his doorway at me, giving me the "What the #$%^ are you doing here" look.

Then he pulls out his cell phone and starts calling someone.
Uh oh. I was also supposed to pick up some of the lumber there and return it, but couldn't find the proper boards in the haphazard pile of wood.

I then decided that putting stuff in the truck while Mr. Neighborhood watch was keeping an eye on me (and undoubtedly calling the cops) was probably a bad idea, so I made tracks out of there.

This whole ordeal has made me really want to smash my phone into little pieces.

I end with this:
"Look at ya! So Proud, so cocksure, prancing aboot with your heads full of eyeballs!"
-Demoman again