Woohooo.I'm at 188 mods now.lol.heheheheh .moving slowly though,but I wanna get there. smiley0.gif

I got these people in so far
smiley9.gif LSF
smiley9.gif ZethX
smiley9.gif Herlock
smiley9.gif Alkasteltzer
smiley9.gif jacklesrules
smiley9.gif masterdenae
smiley9.gif tninja
smiley9.gif stonesword
smiley9.gif WalkingCrazy
smiley9.gif Stoneblade
smiley9.gif beefsheep
smiley9.gif inuyasha8794

More may enter.Still a long way to go,but it could run pretty quickly depending on all of us,and our actions.=)

You don't have to pay mods to enter.but giving me mods can help me get to the excat mods quite faster.it's your guy's choice.I'm still looking for things to do for mods.so yell them out,or forever hold your piece

Don't forget to tell your friends to help out. smiley0.gif