So, dad and I drove all the way to Appalachian State University today for a tour of the campus. Its about a 2 and a half hour drive, and the tour itself lasted for almost 2 hours. The Student Ambassador was a pretty junior, who was majoring in Political Science. I added her on Facebook, and it made me feel cooler. I dont know why.

Got some nice scenic pics from the trip, and I'll upload 'em later.

The roads were a bitch. Narrow fuckers on the side of a mountain. Scary shit. There were signs everywhere that said "Falling Rock".

"Falling Rock" is not a city. It's a warning. Rock falls on this particular highway, because they are blasting and clearing a path for some tunnels and new roads (which, believe me, are needed).

"Blowing Rock" is a city. Don't get them confused.

So, I'm tired, horny, and need some sleep.