alright.You guy's were sad about me not posting hot pictures anymore right?

I'll make you guy's an offer.

If I get something in exchange of posting them,then I will post many pics for ever and ever like always.But I just need to earn something out of it except comments,know what I mean guys?

This contest will start now.You will vote for what anime I choose from next!it will go for a day,maybe 4,who knows.Let everyone know of this,and get this back into my life,and your guy's life.=)

Thread for fun-Paintball Elimination

The contestants are
smiley9.gif Naruto-3
smiley10.gif Bleach-5
smiley11.gif Digimon-1
smiley12.gif Yu-gi-oh-1
smiley9.gif Dragonball Z-4
smiley10.gif Ranma 1/2-1
smiley11.gif Gundam-1
smiley12.gif Neon Genesis Evagelion-2
smiley9.gif Mar-1
smiley12.gif Inuyasha-1
Please vote now,or forever hold you peace.
I still need mods for my other contest as could win over 100 mods if this let your friends know they can join and might get lucky and win...but need the mods

But mini contest starts now!!!!