I have to admit, the whole vampire genre is kind of neat, it's one of my vices aside from sci fi as long as its more modern and not all campy.

That said, I'm still trying to decide if I like that new show on CBS, usually I watch the episodes online when I'm bored, however, sometimes they don't work.

This brings me to a phenomenon I call "the net effect"
It seems that major news networks automatically assume that if your going to watch any video online, then you must either
A) Have the intelligence of a child whose played solely with toys made in china (that was a low blow, I know)
or B) The attention span of a 2 year old juiced on three red bulls

Since the full episode wont run past the first inserted commercial break, I attempted to watch the two minute recap, and couldn't get through it


Net effect.
Some high school valley girl was doing a voice over which was horrendous
I quote:

"So, mick is watching reporter chick beth cover the execution of this manson wannabe....
(show clip) and she ends up becoming some kind of guardian for the only witness.... of course, at the slightest hint of a problem......beth is calling mick....which turns out to be really smart since the executed killer is now a vampire seeking revenge....see in prison his prayers were answered....so beth and the witness are in micks apartment, unsupervised..... Hello! confidential!... meanwhile, mick meets the killer, face to face, or, fang to fang, doh! anyway, bad guy wins the battle, and heads over to micks....lucky he had that machete handy!....if only dealing with beth was as easy...he can walk away, but this is not over!

That is D grade middle school book report bullshit.


Why is the concept of communicating with class and conciseness something that is no longer valued?

I think I'm officially old.