Alright, I try to keep up with all youse, the friends I've met on this site are the only think keeping it going for me. So everybody let me know whats happening with you! Doesn't have to be detailed, but just drop a post to let me know you're alive and well/not well.

Looks like I'm heading to Otakon next year (free room kekekeke) and I wouldn't hate cosplaying, some of you have an idea what I look like (and the older pic in my images), what should I go as? Also, let me know if you're going, might go etc.

I'm still waiting for any of you to go on a trip and accidently show up to the hotel I work at so I can go all creepy stalker like, let me know if you're in town and I'll see what I can do about a cheap room. <---- Columbus, Ohio

As for me, I'm currently in the girl market, although the market seems to be closed at the moment, I'm keeping my eyes open smiley0.gif

Building a table at the moment, hope to have that done before Thankgiving (which I have to work on smiley2.gif )

A recient death hit me badly, but the world keeps turning, doesn't it?

Enough of my boring life, lets hear about you!