So, Im here in Pennsylvania. The drive sucked; Sister 1 got sick. Vomiting in the car is not the greatest thing....and doing it three times just blows.

We're down 3 people this trip. My grandfather, my aunt (who's in an assisted living facility; long story, and my cousin who has been disowned by the family. She is a pathological lier and is just a bad person. It's lead her father into a state of depression, although he wont admit it, it's there. Its been tough on the whole family.)

Sooo, that makes its about 21 people this year, and with 6 dogs. Let the craziness begin.

We picked up some Disaronno. Definitely my favorite drink now: Amaretto on the rocks. Yum. I had a few fingers last night.

Hope y'all have a nice thanksgiving, and eat a lot of turkey.