I sound like that Leisure Suit Larry bloke, although, here's a tongue twister for ye's:
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. Upon booting up the game, if you said you were 99, it would reply "no you're not" and promptly boot you out of the game. What if I was 99, couldn't I sue Sierra? Now that would be one for Al Lowe to back out of. :o)
Looking for Love?
I'm looking at all my friends (never thought I'd be the one to say this) and they're happily together (some have kids, others have dogs - which is another interesting conversation which will be pummelled at a later date). And I'm here wondering if I will be with someone who will truly work out for me.
Thing is, I know what the story is, but at the moment, hell, if you're looking for a laugh, here's my "other" profile online:
Actually, please do check it out - any help to sharpen up my profile would be greatly appreciated (plus, the pics are cool too).
And hey, if anyone is looking for someone like me for Xmas and beyond (remember, a bf is for more than just Xmas and New Year's Eve), drop me a line and lets have a laugh.
((Honestly, this wasn't the idea when starting this journal, but hey, I'm good for a laugh - even if it is at my expense))
Have a great day y'all - and to those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!!!