A few questions about Gears of War for the PC:

It's already annoying that there is no quick save feature, perhaps it wouldn't be wise to further throw salt in the wound by randomly deleting checkpoint saves for no reason... Why in god's name was this issue not address 10 minutes after the game was released? WHY ISN'T IT STILL NOT ADDRESSED!?

Since when is Anti-Alaising a DirectX 10 only feature? 3DFX are no doubt spinning in their graves.

It seems like hiding behind cover in no way inhibits the Locust's ability to hit me and since they fire immediately even before the animiation finishes exposing their grisly heads, why are there only two or three battles that allow the opportunity to flank the enemy?

At what point did it become standard proceedure for the military to labotomize its Gears after act 3? They would sure be alot more useful if they weren't staring at a rock the entire checkpoint.

Other than that - Go Epic smiley1.gif

PS: My football team is 0-11 smiley2.gif