So...I haven't talked to you guys in a long while. I checked up on the forum and wrote a little bit in some of the threads. Hopefully you remember who I am. I still work at Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation. I am still living at home in my parents house. I'm 22, cut me some slack. I'm not paying for rent.

I started in June as a Contractor at the Support Center (Help Desk) of Smurfit-Stone. I am leaving this position on November 30th. I am staying at Smurfit-Stone, but moving into a full time position starting December 3rd. I will be moving to the Wintel Tech Support group. I will be supporting the network printers and the ~800 Windows servers in the corporation. It's pretty exciting and a pretty nice pay raise. I'll be looking forward to being able to specialize in a specific area, instead of knowing every part of the company.

Yes, I'm working at home. I finished my Christmas shopping though. I got my sister a $75 giftcard to Archivers (Scrapbooking store). I bought my mom a large self-healing cutting mat for her craft room. I purchased a table saw for my dad from Sears Hardware. I'm still with Lauren for like 8 months I wanna say? I don't know, its a long time..haha

My St. Louis Blues are doing pretty darn well. I'm pretty excited. Hockey has gotten fun again. The Blues were poopers for the past few years. How about the Mizzou Tigers? I'm not a big fan, but its still exciting to see them (hopefully) play for the National Championship (as long as BlowU loses). It'll be a good game this weekend for sure.

Keep in touch, feel free to send me messages and comments. I sign on every day, just I may not post.

Oh, and Squirrel, sorry I decided to stop sponsoring. I wasn't getting enough use out of the site and I could put that $5 to a savings for a house payment.