All i gotta say about that game is WOW.

Solid 9.5 outta 10, the only thing that has me a little disappointed is the BioWare Corp. Dev vids seemed to let on a little bit more than I played, but the game has tons of replay value.

The other minor issue is that with the UNREAL engine, the texture popping thing is kinda annoying but you begin to look by it very quickly.

Solid story, just a tad short but makes up for it in the replay value.
Awesome visuals, it leaves halo3 in the dust (minus the 'texture popping')
Animations are very well done, and character customizations is very through.
Voice acting is probably the best thing about this game, having the conversations go anyway you like is what makes this game so re-playable.
Lastly, each of your crewmen has a background story that are frankly, worth listening to, you begin to developed a 'relationship' for that inparticular character. Unlike is some other games where its.

Call me an addict, I've already ranked well over 72 hours of game play since the game has been released, and I really don't see myself slowing down in the gameplay much.

This may be a game that actually lived up to its hype for once.