I've been super inactive here...I have a shitload of work to do, and I just cant find time anymore.

Anyhoo, I got my first acceptance letter for college. $11,000 a year isn't all that bad, and East Carolina University is a decent school, so I'm told. Also, I was told that 86% of the sudent body has some sort of STD. Eww. Gross.

Dad and I were looking at HD-DVD and BluRay players today. Guess what we're getting on Wednesday? A nice Toshiba HD-DVD player, which comes with OUR choice of 5 ( smiley11.gif ) HD-DVDs. We already plan on getting 300, but have to make a list.

Also, I rented Half-Life 2: Orange Box and I gotta say, its a pretty neat game. Looks amazing, and plays great, just as well as HL2 did on the PC. Just, some of the Achievements are a little tough, and the 18th room in Portal is killing me.