So Noobie and I just got a new Wireless Keyboard AND mouse that was supposed to be for Christmas. And let me tell you, it. Is. AWESOME. This thing has a freeaking MUSIC BUTTON. You press and WALLAH! Your Windows Media Player pops up and starts playing. Other that that, this thing is like a Giant remote. You ahve all the options on the screen, right here on shortcuts. Back, Forward, Open New Window (Home), Search, Mail, Refresh, take screen shot, My Computer, Calulater, Mute, Sound Up/Down, pause/lplay, back (Music), Forward (Music) and Stop. For the record, Thats the first row. ._.

This thing is just beautiful... and its in the classic format of the old types of keyboard </nerd>

Smash Update:
So Wario has just got his very own Smash. Eatting his Onion he gains super strength and the ablity to wear his PeeJays FLY! wario_071128b.jpg