Not sure why I'm typing this. If your reading this I really didn't expect you to. I just like typing in this because no one reads it lol. Its kind of like a personal diary that I can keep but one day when I'm famous people will Google me and this will come up and they can read of my experiences LMAO! Anyways, I'm really tired. I have been for about a month straight. Seeing as I'm not doing any sports I decided to join my school's weight lifting program and boy its alot harder than I thought, good for me though. I think my Max bench has increased by 40 lbs since I started. I'm lifting up to 240 but thats also after I've done warm-ups and my daily routine. On top of that I got a solo at my Concert Choir's winter concert. Nothing big but I've only ever had one solo in my life before this. I'm not sweating it, I say I'm a good singer even though the other guys say I sound like a dieing giraffe lol. (Whats that sound like anyways... I dunno.) Well, thanks for reading. Come back unless of course your reading this in the year 2018 and I'm really well known and my face is on the news because I got a DUI and arrested for male prostition, then just keep on reading without stopping. Hopefully my stories get better ; )