yet another wonderful day in Gallup.
Did the usual, went to class. Had art history and anthropology today… I hate my anthro class. The prof. is so behind in class. She was suppose to give us a test on chapters 1-9 about umm a month ago… but it was canceled you know why? Because we didn’t get to chapter nine…. Can you guess what chapter we are on as of now?…… chapter 3. Damn prof. likes to talk way to much about herself. Anyhow today on campus I got asked the weirdest question… some one asked me if I was one of the teachers on campus.… what the o.O That one had me confused for a good hour or two.
Well anyways after class went to the park with some friends… one of my friends jumped into a tree… long story o.O
After that, went to work. Some how me and my coworkers got into a conversation about skinwalkers….. er yeah. Not to sure how that came up. But that’s about it .Later

Quote of the Day- “shhhhhhh…don’t try to talk him out of it….it’s the only entertainment we have right nowâ€Â