Well, now that I have actually played Portal, I finally realize what all the hype is about.
It really is a fun game! It's challenging, the gameplay is smooth, the graphics rock
and the story line was suprisingly entertaining (and a bit creepy) a must have

-I'm trying not to give any spoilers of course-

Also I love the end credits song

• Anyway, the actual reason I decided to right this was because of something that happened like 30 minutes ago.

While surfing the net, looking for an image of that cake GLaDOS promised me,
I stumbled upon a link that looked trustworthy.
So I click on the image of that scrumptious chocolate cake and...
instead of an image, I was presented with a barage of pop-ups and automatic downloads (which I had to immediately delete and later scan for viruses) numbering well over 12 new windows.

I laughed all the way through the virus scan and restarting of my computer.
I wasn't rewarded with cake, I really should of seen that coming

goddamn irony
..............................portal_infinitefall_bw.jpg..........gah! text heavy journal!