7 years ago

We have been playing a new variant we made in Foundry today and it's been an absolute blast. It's called Grifball and you can find it in the Chickenmouth file share.

Basically, it's an open court where each team has gravity hammers and a goal. There's a "ball" in the middle that you have to grab and put in the opponent's goal. If you get a chance, check it out. Gav and I are still tweaking the rules, trying to find the perfect speed and shield strength for the ball carrier.

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  • Gate0r


    7 years ago

    sounds mean as, will grab it as soon as i get those maps

  • Stalinboy


    7 years ago

    i will definatley check it out

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  • 2dumb4you


    7 years ago

    I downloaded it, just need to buy the maps today. smiley0.gif

  • Weebee


    7 years ago

    Really sounds like fun, may have to download it...

  • ctdenecour


    7 years ago

    so i just spent the last 3 hours playing this and soccer. wow, way too much fun

  • Andrew


    7 years ago

    great game i will have to download the final version when it is up.

  • SCherry


    7 years ago

    you guys are geniuses! No one else in the world would've looked at a soccerball and though "hey! we could play soccer with this!"
    *rolls eyes

    It's not a soccer ball, jackass.

    It's a grif ball... we make it look like a soccer ball to trick dumb people to think thats what it is.

  • davidl


    7 years ago

    Thanks for letting me play with you when you were testing this game type/map out. My gamertag is TrickierBeef.

  • acidrain700


    7 years ago

    Yea, I've dled it, I need to get some friends over and give it a test run.

  • pirateM


    7 years ago

    to awesome for words...