For those of you new, Bug was my previous beagle shepherd mix and my old avatar as well as where I got my nick. She was an awesome dog and was with us for about 14 years, even though she was born with an enlarged heart. She was a great dog and we still miss her.

Anyway, I was sitting at work several years ago and created this avatar for my profile. I figured if she ever saw an elf, she'd eat it :). It was a great project - I learned a lot about masking and layers and blending and such. The only thing I wasn't able to get right is the blood on her dog lips where the half-elf is. (by right, I mean to where I like it) i think the antlers came out best. They were green and on a totally different dog. Oh, and her nose looks really cool, too :)

Tippy, our current beagle shepherd mix (who looks somewhat like Bug when she was young), would probably play with the elf carefully, then pin it down and lick it until the thing was soaked.

I love my doggies and I love this avatar.

Google gives us off Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas. I'm taking off Thursday and Friday. Google also gives us off New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, so by taking off two days, I'm getting 11 days straight off from work! What marvelous plans do I have? I'm staying in Austin for Xmas, then riding back up to Lubbock with my sister. I'm staying with her until Sunday, then flying home and spending NYE playing Mass Effect. I suspect I'll be over at my parents' house on NYD for chicken and dumplings, corn bread and black eyed peas.

I'd like to take one of our 360's with me to Lubbock, but I'm concerned about flying home with it. Anyone have any tips for flying with a game console? I know I need to pack it in my carry on luggage... but jesus, I'm going to be carting around the 360 w/ the power brick (very apt name) and controllers, my laptop w/ its power brick, my camera w/ its batteries and charger, whatever cool ass thing I get for Xmas that I can't live without and god knows what else (at least two paperback books). I'm hoping that airport security in Lubbock is laid back enough that me being smiley and happy at them will get me though with little trouble. I don't see a way around having to check a bag with my clothes...
I'm taking the 360 in the event that the weather is bad. I figure Viva Piñata and Beautiful Katamari will be perfect games for me and the 7 year old niece.

So, what are y'all's plans for the big holiday?