7 Day Survivor, 1 Step At a Time : Video

7 years ago

So, I've found my Dead Rising save-game, and begun work on my Loser Achievement. As I've whined about publicly quite a few times, Burnie is making me get the 7 Day Survivor Achievement in Dead Rising, as a penance for losing our COD4 contest. To do that however, I have/had some prep work to do. Last night I hit level 50 (needed to max stats), and got that achievement. Today I got Zombie Genocide (which is killing 53,594 zombies). It took about three hours of running zombies over with cars, but it was totally worth it to unlock the MegaMan gun, which will help tremendously when I'm playing Survivor mode. I've included a quick video of me getting Genocide in the first comment of this journal. Woohoo. Next step is to beat the game, then start Surviving...

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  • bob_13_13


    7 years ago

    I hated seeing those tunnels after acquiring that achievement... so many hours spent running over zombies...



    7 years ago

    14 straight hours of play....good luck....plus.....u can't save....i feel your pain i'm trying to get it

  • SCherry


    7 years ago

    How can you not beat a game?

  • Kman1313


    7 years ago

    and now the hardest part is ahead of you... 7 day surviver... id do it with two xboxs if i were you i had to do 5 day two times cause my xbox froze so... yea good luck.

  • PvtScottish


    7 years ago


  • omega2010


    7 years ago

    Man that's a lot of zombies.

  • TheGreatKoz


    7 years ago

    prett much the same way i did it except i used the red convertable outside too and did donuts in large crowds of zombies.

  • jaly223


    7 years ago

    I can't quit watching this video. It just looks cool. I need to get this game. smiley7.gif

  • joker477


    7 years ago

    fucking awsome

  • masterdenae


    7 years ago

    Good luck.

    Stick it to 'em!