Well isn't this just perfect. I could have started the contest tomorrow,but unfortantly there is a delay. I have no idea when MetalpcAngel is going to give me those 70 mods..... smiley2.gif

untill then, I can't start the contest guys.sorry for not being able to start it,and the fact I made you guys wait forever.

If someone can also convince him to gracefully give me my mods(which i won in his contest if you were wondering smiley0.gif ) then it will begin.

that's basically all for now....wait! there one more thing..I will have a contest for new pics as well soon.so be ready for that as well. smiley8.gifsmiley0.gif

wait, I lied again. One more thing before I hit myself out and sleep like I never did before.

What are some good anime series I can start watching? I mean just about anything except the following due to because i've already seen them/ or watching them now

smiley9.gif Naruto
smiley9.gif Bleach
smiley9.gif Blood+
smiley9.gif Blood trinity
smiley9.gif Elfen Lied
smiley9.gif Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
smiley9.gif DearS
smiley9.gif Inuyasha

I think those are the main ones I've seen. I've seen DBZ and yu-gi-oh,but those don't count smiley8.gif ..not to say I don't wanna watch death note either, only because what I saw of the series was lame and crap. Sorry to all of those death note fans. i mean no harm by what I say.

Plus I hope the Eagles win tomorrow against Dallas Cowboys. Yes, the Eagles are my favorite team, with a former player T.O- Terrell Owens. I say let the best team win though. smiley0.gif