Yeah, I got the idea from RedMoonHeart, she's been posting some amazing poetry in her journals, go check them out now. So basically I got the idea from her and now I'm just stealing it and replacing her poems with my own. Thanks for the idea.

First off, songs, then later comes poetry.

Song number one for you guys and girls out there who bother to read my journals is called: The Damnation Of Salvation. Title most courteously provided for me by my very good friend AmayasFantasy from deviantART, she's a published novelist, you are to follow this
and buy her book from Amazon. Without any further ado:

The Damnation Of Salvation

Now we’re in incubation
We’ve deserted our stations

Now we are in damnation
No chance of our salvation

We fought the lordly powers
Boycotted their praise showers

Doesn’t our victory seem to taste sour
We have a land, all it’s problems are ours

We’ve gone and lost the war
We’re oppressed under a new law

We say less tax, they hear more
They take salt, rub our wounds raw

** Chorus **

We are the instigators
We are the power haters

We are the rebels of today
Don’t even know what we say

We are the instigators
We don’t know we’re overrated

We are the rebels of today
We fight the foolish way

** Chorus **

We spend cash on what we don’t need
Then complain about how it did breed

A generation who need a dog lead
A generation who can’t even read

We are only slowly waking up
To the fact that there is no real luck

And that we are still living in muck
And now we’re getting very angry cause we suck

Companies laugh behind blank faces
As we gamble our wages at the daily races

They know they hold all the aces
And still they laugh behind blank faces

And yeah, that "now we're getting angry" sucks. I know it, I just can't think of anything that rhymes to replace it.