That's the slogan I'm going with as I ring in the new year. Hope everyone had a lovely and safe one.
Me? I went to a party with some friends. We got to playing the Guitar Hero, as we all tend to do so much. And personally, I was in a zone tonight. I knew the night was going to be something special when my best friend's girlfriend, who happens to be pretty good, played pro-faceoff against a complete novice, on hard, on John The Fisherman in GH2. About halfway through the song he gave up, and handed me the guitar in joking disgust of himself. With a 5,000 point deficit, I was determined to make a game of it. I lost eventually, but by 80 points.
So a little later my best friend and I start co-oping, and we find our way to Less Talk More Rokk. Well, on hard we creamed it, and for some reason I remember the song being harder than it was tonight. So we said eff it, and tried it on Expert (we were playing on Hard). Well, less than halfway through, we were booed off the stage. We tried it again. Even less this time. But something didn't feel right about it. So I tired it solo. On Expert. And nailed it. 79% may not sound good, but it was still a complete song, and that song is hard.
Didn't stop there though, oh no. I brought my GH3 along. After some continuation of the career co-op, and getting warmed-up, I tried my hand at a song I have yet to complete on Hard: Before I Forget by Slipknot. Nailed it, 87%.
There's really only one thing left after that. Metallica. One. I had yet to get passed 79% of the song. Neither has anyone I know who played it. They get to that fast solo, then bam! It's over Johnny. But I felt it, I was in a zone. I felt like Reggie Miller against the Knicks, I could hit anything.
Nailed it. 83%.
Happy New year.

(I know there's a 9 year old kid on youtube that can get 100% on every song on every game on every difficulty, but this was hard for me so BACK OFF!)