okay i went to the doctors to day to get a shot and to get this damned cough looked at and the nurse that i had told me that this cough is just a bug you know a cold and it last for two months and that theres nothing that i can do for it and i was about to cry when i heard that because it really hearts and I've only had it for three week and i have to suffer though this for two months *cry* and my dad just said these things happen which they do and theres really nothing that i can't do about it you know? just god couldn't they put me on something to make the cough a little bit better. OH and to all you people out there that had school today i point and laugh at you.....oh and cough yeah that to good god i heat this damn thing can't someone just find a cure for the common cold? that would just make every one that much happier. well i think you all have had enough of me just complaining well I'm really sick get used to it!