So I watched Alex Albrecht's guest-hosting episode of Attack of the Show.

I did not care for Kevin. At all. I thought he was... trying too hard, perhaps. The chemistry however between Alex and Olivia was great. If those two were the permanent hosts I could see myself watching AotS on a regular basis. They worked great together.

Kevin, however, was just really kind of being an asshole to this guy who's house he was in. He raided his DVD collection in a desperate attempt to fill the time and make the segment seem more interesting. I did not care for him then throwing the DVDs onto the floor either, much to the apparent anguish of the kid (whoever he was supposed to be).

Really did not like it. There was a hint of technology-related discussion in The Feed where the Xbox 360 Dashboard update was discussed, but beyond that it devolved into just discussions about things like a video of a guy unsuccessfully snowboarding on YouTube.

No thanks.