First off, I'm stuck at work, sucks.
Second, I'm still watching the game, go bucks.

As some of you know, I'm a bellman at a local hotel, and we get some "odd" conventions.
Well Ohayocon just was in town, a crazy ass anime convention. Don't get me wrong, I like anime and I'm going to Otakon in the summer. That doesn't stop me from putting down concerns on my peers though.
-THESE PEOPLE NEED SHOWERS, oh good lord it was terrible
-Not a single person who has actually seen One Piece hates it
-Anime fans, apparently, are socially awkard. They talk too loud, say awkard things, etc.
-Naruto fans are creepy (I should know)
-Plushie hats are annoying
-Myspace is REALLY annoying
-Anime fans tip Shitty with a capital S
-Naruto fans named Caleb are REALLY creepy
-I hate yaoi/yuri fans more than ever after this weekend

Needless to say, I wasn't sad to see them leave. Funny story, I'm the youngest guy at my work and all the old guys thought the whole proceeding were excessivly stupid. I had fun by telling them to point out a cosplayer and I would name the series and character.

Also, due to my awesomeness, I got a 14% raise today, I guess those people skills are working.