Introducing The Whisper Max

Talismoon have released a newer version of their Whisper fan called the Whisper Max, and if you believe what they say it should offer some serious red ring of death protection! Here's the press release and some pics:

The new Whisper Max is a deluxe version of the highly regarded Talismoon Whisper fan but with new uniquely engineered features that will provide Xbox 360 cooling far better than any other competing product on the market. Whisper Max achieves its unparalleled cooling achievements due to the following key factors:


# Nitro Mode â€" In the flick of a switch, the Whisper Max fan can run with up to 240% more power. Without a doubt, all users will experience very significant cooling using the Nitro mode. This mode is ideal for long gaming sessions. Moreover, those who wish to have a quieter experience for watching a movie or conducting other less intensive tasks can just switch back to the original mode. This will provide more than adequate cooling and greater noise reduction.
# Quality â€" The Whisper Max is a ball bearing fan providing a quieter and longer life. This construction provides advantages over sleeve bearing based fans which can potentially wear out sooner and become noisier as they age.
# Lighting â€" Not only will the Xbox 360 become physically much cooler with the Whisper Max, but will actually aesthetically look very cool too. When the Whisper Max installed, the user can select between blue, green or red lights or opt not to select any at all. Moreover, if all the mentioned colours are a bit too common, users could in future use just about any other LED including white, UV, orange or anything which captures their imagination.


Essentially, the Whisper Max is a direct replacement fan for the Xbox 360 which offers far superior (refer to internal CPU, GPU test graph) and reliable cooling with a touch of aesthetic class. The whole package includes everything you need (even includes 2 small heatsinks to help lower the overall temperature) and is fully compatible with the original Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Elite.