So after 11 hours and 2 minutes of gameplay I have completed the ancient Half-Life 2, and I can give my complete review on it.

To begin with, I hated this game. I hated its level design, I was constantly getting lost, there was never any clear path to take. The driving controls on the boat were absolutely horrible, and I couldn't shake the feeling that using the crane to advance in the game was just too cheesy.

But as I approached the final few levels of the game, beginning with Nova Prospekt, my view changed. I was having fun now. I was beginning to understand the story much more (my favourite aspect in a game) and overall I felt the plot was actually moving forward to the grand finale.

And the finale? Of course, Judith Mossman aka Admiral Helena Cain absolutely wins. The shot of Alyx in the elevator saying goodbye was touching, and the absolute end boss battle was brilliant.

To summarise: I hated this game, but as it drew to its conclusion I really began enjoying myself. The game is fucking epic.