Here's the deal.

I had read about the ending to the game before I got there, so it came as no surprise to me. Apparently to most people the "close your eyes dear" line was a hard-hitter, but it didn't do much for me. That said the ending still was really difficult to watch, especially Alyx's "don't leave me" to Gordon in the black. Tough stuff.

But here's what I'm thinking, how could this possibly be addressed in Episode Three? Gordon cannot speak. He can't even say "I'm sorry", so what the hell is Alyx going to do? Mope? That'll be interesting.

As for the final boss battle, my heart was racing, that was the best damn game ender ever. There was three right next to the base at the very end and I was frantic trying to take them all down. Didn't die once. Phew.

So yeah, bring on Episode Three. Oh, on the subject of the Borealis, "she's probably still alive up there". Still alive? Hmm, I wonder where I've heard that phrase before. It IS an Aperture Science ship...