Yes, I has it.

As a mixed birthday/Christmas gift my uncle gave me his old car, an 1973 Oldsmobile 442. The car had been idle for about 20 years and when I went up to see it I was in bad shape but I was still optimistic. All of the tires had lost air, a couple were dry-rotted, and the car looked like it had sunk into the ground. There was severe rust on the left rear quarter panel and on the trunk but all of the other panels were not too bad; even the bumpers still had their chrome. Amazingly, the interior is in extremely good condition with only lots of mildew (small leak somewhere) on the carpets, etc. I haven't had much of a chance to look under the car to inspect it. The only rust I see is on the surface of the frame and I don't see any holes formed from the rust. So far, so good...

After spending the past couple weeks doing some digging, I got some help from my brother, father, and uncle (and a little help from my mother and grandma :D). Over the past 2 days we were able to dig the car out, jack it up, mount 4 new wheels (hit the parts jackpot in the trunk: 3 of the original wheels and tires, AC condenser, original cams, and misc. parts) and roll the car out of its pit of hell.

Next week I'll head home to start removing the moisture and carpets from the car. Hopefully the floor isn't rotted yet. After that, I hope that I can approval from the shop to trailer it up to school.

I'll write some more later about my intentions and other info about the car.