That's right folks, it's that time of year again. Time for cramming, blanking, and selling stuff. I have not studied at all for any of my exams yet, they start Wednesday. I really should study, or at least type my notes to they can be read. But I'm probably not going to, the most I'll do is rewrite like a page or two of notes per subject. Final is in Spanish, so I'm done with that, thankfully. I forget what other tests I have Wednesday but it doesn't matter. I know everything, or at least most everything, that I need to, except Spanish.

Oh, yeah, the fund raiser. I have to sell raffle tickets at a dollar each, $5 for 6 and a book of 12 for $10. Good news: I already sold my quota of 40$, so I can wear jeans for the rest of January, (Catholic school), Bad news: I'm probably gonna get more to sell, any buyers?
The grand prize is $2000 and a bunch of smaller prizes. You know you want to buy, it's a buyer's market. More good news: I get two tickets with my name on in for free, and I'm buying a book from a friend so the class can get a free day. What will I do for the day? I don't have XBL so that's out. I probably can't go anywhere because no one else will be home. Maybe I'll go save a rabbit from having a heart attack or something. Who knows.

Well, I need sleep, so I'm gone for now.

Basketball game tomorrow, 5:30