Here's a random journal for you

1. The colts lost their first playoff game. again. I think everyone was getting so pumped up for the battle against the evil, blood sucking baby dropping parking-in-handicap-spots-with-no-sticker Patriots that NOBODY the chargers to even make it within 12 points of the colts. But, I'm no fair weather fan, I liked them when they sucked, and I still like them now, even though my sports heart is really hurting now;

2. Speaking of hearts, I read today that Researchers took a fetal rat heart and stripped it of all the muscle cells leaving the cellular matrix intact, then were able to inject it with both myocardial muscle cells and endothilial cells for the blood vessals from another rat and were then able to get the heart to organize itself and start beating. Why is this significant?

Well, If your heart is failing, and you need a replacement, they can take adult stem cells, program them into the cells needed and inject them into some other animal's heart shaped matrix (probably a pig or cadavers, maybe), then give you a heart transplant comprised of your own cells, avoiding an autoimmune reaction. This also avoids the stem cells from going haywire and growing some mutant heart with like 6 ventricles and fangs, or something.

They have also been experimenting with this gel derived from seaweed as a "seeding matrix", but still haven't got it into the complexity needed for a heart.

3. Our new student center at IUPUI has escalators, and looks really cool.

4. The quality of news copy and especially those "online news stories", like eCNN or whatever are still dropping at a horrible rate. That crap they post next to my hot mail account just makes me angry.

5. I read someplace that the majority of voters are more concerned on whether they identify personally with a presidential candidate more so than stances on issues, or even if they're competent enough to run the country. Scary.

6. Art by Bathsheba Grossman, sister to Lev Grossman. Love it, want it, gonna get some when I have some cash, which won't be anytime soon due to an announcement I shall make next time.

7. Writers block has hit me again, and my novel is once again stuck. Honestly, I think It would make a much better movie script rather than a book, as I spend a lot of time describing stuff, and not spending as much time on character development and such.

8. I'm tired of typing, so this is it.