So i heard this rumor one time that families like to sit around the dinner table and talk about their day... . . Now.. i'm proceeding with the assumption that this is a myth.. because i simply cannot fathom that level of family "togetherness".. . However.. Let's pretend that you, my RvB friends here, are the family.. and that this right here is the dinner table.

How did your day go? What was the best part of it? Worst? Any entertaining stories, annoyances you'd like to vent about, amazing discoveries you made..?

As for my day. It was boring. It snowed a whole lot last night.. and as a result, i expected to be able to stay home from work and make a snowman death scene.... . . But no. The thing about living in North Carolina is that it will snow like mad over night and then all melt by 2pm the next day... .. . However, i spent my work evening with my boss who has grown a recent addiction to . the horror. And i managed to cut my finger on a can.. which just makes me think i'm one step closer to needing to wear a helmet on a daily basis.


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