I just finished working a 16-hour day, and it's mostly my own fault. Let me start where I left off.

Yesterday didn't go anywhere near planned, but I got everything done. I went in in the morning, went to the desk of the chick whose help I needed, and she wasn't there. I went back to mine, sent her an email to call me when she was available, and started on math homework. Spent FOUR HOURS on math homework, still didn't hear from her. Went back down, asked another girl in the office if she was here today, she was, so I went and got a box of equipment. Left that on her desk with a note to call. She finally called around 1:30. Once she helped me swap my good equipment for her older equipment, I was able to call Toledo and tell them we could finally turn off this ancient server that, as far as we knew, was only still connected to the old equipment that was now in my hands. They did, and I had to fix two more pieces of equipment on-site that I didn't know were connected. After the bad night at Ryans, I didn't eat dinner anywhere else in the hellhole that is Elkhart, Indiana and had a Hickory Farms Beef Stick instead. That was all I'd had to eat yesterday.

This morning I woke up and left Granger. 4 hours drive later, I arrived in Troy - and my phone rang. Apparently, LOUISVILLE also had some equipment that needed the server we had just turned off, and it broke lots of things. The only solution - go to Louisville. I had a few hours of things to do in Troy first, so I did those, then stopped in Franklin long enough to get gas and go to the bathroom at home (the two are not related), then continued driving south to Louisville. Took me about three hours there to get everything sorted out, then drove back. 8 hours driving + 8 hours work = 16 hour day.

To make matters worse, because I didn't even touch my computer or email today until after I got home at 11:30, that means I'm now behind on other things I have to do, which means my Saturday just got longer. Oh, and I may have to go to Troy on Sunday to do some wiring that I got yelled at about today, even though it was Maintenance's fault for not finishing what they needed to finish first. Next week I lose two days to a trip to Toledo again, then lose Thursday to go to the campus and take a stupid math test that we can't take online (there's 4 of those this quarter... what good is an online class with offline tests??). Plus all the other homework I need to get done.

I'm thinking about setting fire to something. Who's with me?